Military Collectibles:

You can buy, sell, trade and display military collectibles at Colorado oldest continuous show. Anything military, equipment, badges, uniforms, helmets, military curios and relics firearms only, absolutely no ammuition .Mailing address:2917 Del Mar Circle Colorado Springs CO. 80910. For information and Table Reservation use the Contact page.


  Location:  Jefferson County Fairgrounds  (click to see map, click for a more detailed map.) 15200 W. 6th Avenue Golden, CO Open to the public 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Admission/donation is $4.00.  Sales tables are $30.00 and display "only" are $15.00.   Dealer setup: 7:00am to 9:00am. 

Next Show Date: January 18, 2015

Future 2015 Show Dates:   April 19th, July 19th and October 4th.

               Great news for all of our military collectors out there, we will be partnering up with Colorado gun collectors associations 50th anniversary show in May 2015. Great opportunity for Colorado military collectors to be involved in a three-day show, table reservations and cost per table will be controlled by Colorado gun collectors Association. Contact Les Palmer  at 720-482-0167 will have more information in the following months but start to plan now for this Big Big Show.                               




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